Wealth Consolidation and Reporting

We understand that our clients need to diversify their risk by having several custodians.

Our Relationship Managers can provide consolidated reporting enabling customers who enter into a wealth consolidation mandate, to access one single report. We assist our clients with the high-end service and monitoring of their assets. This means that our client's wealth is managed using the latest technology to help mitigate investment risks and reduce costs across different portfolios.
APW offers this service as part of our star-of-the-art value added solutions irrespective of the size of the client's portfolio because all our clients are equally important to us. This is offered to optimize efficiency, enhance revenues and mitigate risks associated with global investing. The report allows us to:


  1. 1 Overview your assets and their performance.
  2. 2 Study correlations to compare the performances of each bank.
  3. 3 Evaluate each bank.
  4. 4 Control Asset Allocation.
  5. 5 Monitor Risk Budgeting