Management mandates

APW offers clients flexibility to manage their wealth on a 100% discretionary basis directed by the client's expected return and risk profile.

Similarly, we offer investment advisory services to our clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions

Discretionary mandates

These are tailored for clients who feel more comfortable delegating the management of their investments to professional asset managers. Through this platform, APW defines and controls the investment strategy and makes the decisions in order to reach the clients' investment goals.

Deciding to entrust us, you enter into a genuine partnership with your asset manager, who will manage and grow your assets. We will work hand-in-hand to create a personalized management strategy in line with your objectives, your asset structure, and your risk tolerance.

It is the spirit of APW to allow each client to choose the investment platform he or she prefers. We offer a large range of possibilities that will assist you in having your investments managed 'a la carte', with privileged and immediate access to a broad selection of financial products and services.Through our product platform, you gain access to a diverse set of investment options; and you can select, change and adapt your investments until you shape the strategy to reach your financial goals.

Traditional Wealth management:

A meticulous selection of funds from each asset class, sector and investment style, with full access to prestigious asset managers that seek to generate positive results relative to specific market indexes.

Active Wealth management:

This type of management does not utilize benchmark indexes, seeks to have a low correlation with the markets and to generate steady positive results, regardless of the economic cycle, serving therefore as a valuable addition to the diversification of your traditional investment strategy.